The ADA is a professional organisation of Directors Agents who have joined together to further their common interests in establishing a recognised standard of professionalism within the film, television, commercials and music-video industries.

The association was officially formed on a beach in Cannes in 2009 but has existed in a much more informal version for many years.  The founding members are agents representing Advertising Commercial Directors and more recently, DOP agents have also joined. 


A standard contract was created and is used by all ADA members. This helps safeguard our most precious commodity: our directors and DOPs. The purpose of the Association is to enhance the stature of our profession and present ourselves as a united body whether to assist with advice, payment problems or simple working practices that not only help us as Agents, but also the Directors we represent.

The members meet once a year in Cannes to discuss current issues and to find better ways of collaborating and communicating.


Although we are all competitors, we strive to work together for a common goal, which it to create the best working environment and conditions for our directors and DOPs.


Whenever a problem occurs with one of our clients, the ADA discretely intervenes and every attempt is made to solve the problem in an amicable way. If the problem cannot be resolved in a way that is acceptable, the other members of the association are informed and the client is put on the 'Blacklist' which can only be seen by ADA members and is password protected.

No member of the ADA will work with this client again until the matter is resolved. This means that at least 75% of international directors will not work with the company in question until an agreement is reached.

In almost all cases, problems have been resolved without having to resort to the blacklist.

This site is for the use of Agents only and was set up to provide a platform where members can freely exchange their ideas, information and issues to their respected colleagues.  It contains the agreed standard contract for the commissioning of Directors, a confidential blacklist for bad payers, a forum for members plus a list of current members.


The first elected president of the ADA was John Spary, succeeded by Aylene Gardiner in 2010.

Since 2015 Yann Brindejont has been appointed new president.